Affordable Parking Buffalo Niagara International Airport

If you are a frequent business traveler, chances are high that you spend most of the traveling time in a plane. To avoid spending even more time moving from the airport to your preferred hotel, it only makes sense to choose a hotel that's near the airport.

Airport or city hotels have been specifically designed to cater to travelers on the go. Some of the benefits of staying in such hotels include:

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You do not need to rush to the airport - If you are catching an early flight, you will have to grapple with the challenges of waking up early in the morning as well as rush-hour traffic. Rather than deal with the stress and pressure of trying to rush to the airport in time, you can rent a car and take advantage of affordable airport parking offered in hotels that are near airports.

They are less costly - Compared to hotels closer to the central business district, hotels near airports have more affordable room rates in addition to cheap airport parking. Some hotels in the airport's proximity offer free pick up and drop services from and to the airport if you book well in advance.

Superior comfort - The hotels and other amenities in the vicinity of Buffalo Niagara International Airport are quite developed to cater to international guests. If you are concerned about modern amenities, including telecommunication, food, recreation, and affordable airport parking, booking a hotel near an airport is your best chance.

Key locations are close by - If you are traveling for business, chances are high that your trip will last for only a day or two. Airports normally serve as junctions to key locations such as hotels, business centers, and tourist attractions. Booking a hotel near an airport helps you cut down on travel time as key locations are nearby.

Your luggage stays secure - Whether you are taking advantage of cheap airport parking by leaving your car and luggage in the hotel's parking lot or taking your luggage to your room, you can rest assured your luggage is secure.

The Secret Low Cost Buffalo Longterm Airport Parking

The little known secret to getting Buffalo airport parking at a low price is Quality Inn Buffalo. Quality Inn Buffalo offers cheap airport parking throughout the year. You do not need to be staying at the inn to take advantage of this great deal. Anyone who is flying out of the Buffalo airport can take advantage of our great airport parking option.

Cheap Airport Parking, Buffalo NY

How good are the prices at Quality Inn Buffalo? They are nearly unbelievable. Our airport parking costs only $7 a day, or $49 a week. That is easily the cheapest option in the area. And since our airport shuttle service runs, free of charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can easily get to and from the airport terminal after parking with us.

Safe and Secure Airport Parking

One of the best perks of getting Buffalo longterm airport parking at Quality Inn Buffalo is how secure our airport parking is. Our lots are well lit and frequented by travelers and hotel staff. Your car and any belongings within your care are safe and secure for the length of its stay.

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Do you need Buffalo airport parking that is reliable, safe, and extremely cheap. You can reserve your parking at Quality Inn Buffalo today. With parking available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and airport shuttles running on the same schedule, you can be confident that your parking is available no matter what your flight dates are.

If you also want to enjoy a hotel stay as part of your trip, take advantage of our Stay Park & Fly packages that include even more discounts.