Cheap Buffalo Hotel Long Term Airport Parking

Frequent travelers have many secrets that help make your trips just a little bit easier. Whether its the best seat on the plane or which airport lounges offer the best refreshments, being in the know can make your trip a lot less of a hassle. For travelers in the Buffalo area, finding cheap airport parking can be a headache but knowing the best kept long term airport parking secret can be a lifesaver for the frequent business or pleasure traveler.


A Cheaper and Safer Option For Parking

cheap buffalo hotel airport parkingSafe and secure long term airport parking can be expensive and hard to find in the greater Buffalo area. Parking lots can be exposed, leaving your vehicle exposed to thieves and vandals. Using a carpool or retail parking lot can result in heavy fines or even returning to find your vehicle impounded. Airport parking is usually safe and secure, but a stretch of long-term parking can be more expensive than a plane ticket. Not only can airport parking drain your wallet, but many lots are marathon distances from the nearest shuttle stop or concourse.


Parking Prices at Quality Inn Buffalo

The Quality Inn Buffalo offers cheap airport parking, only $5.99 a day and $42 a week. Our parking lot is well lit, frequented by travelers and staff, and secure. No more worries of your vehicle being stolen among thousands of cars, unnoticed and ignored. Quality Inn is a busy travel hub. Our low prices are matched with friendly service and personalized attention. Best of all, we are located directly across from the airport!

Don't walk through miles of parking lot or beg rides from friends. Our airport shuttle operates 24/7 and ensures you are always on time for your flight. Best of all, when you return for your vehicle, our spacious and comfortable rooms are available for relaxing and rejuvenating before heading out on the next trip.


Cheap Buffalo Hotel Airport Parking

Finding a parking spot at the airport can add to the stress of traveling. Let us make it easier on you. At The Quality Inn Buffalo Airport, we provide great, quick service at an affordable price. Conveniently located directly across the street from the Buffalo Airport, we make sure to get you parked and shuttled over on time, with the lowest prices around. Our shuttle even runs 24 hours a day so you don't have to worry about getting to or from the airport no matter what time it is! 


contact us about cheap hotel airport parking, buffalo, nyAirport Hotel Parking Year-Round

We offer airport hotel parking 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our parking lot is secure and well-lit, so you can feel safe leaving your car in our hands. 

Reserve Parking Today! 

Avoid paying for high airport parking prices. Our airport car parking has a daily rate of $5.99 and a weekly rate of $42. We also have Stay Park & Fly packages available!

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